Reopening Committee Update – A Note From Parent Representatives

August 14, 2020

Dear Trinity Families:

As parent representatives of the Trinity Reopening committee, we are writing this letter to update you on the Trinity Reopening Plan and express our support for our teachers and principals. For our family, we have decided that the sacrifices required to have an approved wavier are worth the disruption to our routine. We are praying and hopeful that three of our kids can attend in-person instruction.

For your information, the Trinity Reopening Plan is attached here and our waiver has been submitted to the County of San Diego in hopes of returning to in-person classes. Please pray that it is approved! 

Please look over the plan. As you look over the plan, we want you to know that the school administrators have been working tirelessly to meet the requirements of this waiver so that our kids can attend classes together.

Administrators have: 

  • renovated the facility to provide a supervised, yet isolated sick room
  • hired all-day assistant staff for each classroom
  • invested in a filtration system for the HVAC
  • created a plan for our kids to not have prolonged periods of time indoors for instruction (which by the way, Trinity happens to have an ideal set up with no indoor hallways and children already accustomed to PE and lunch outdoors)

 All this has been done to protect our teachers and students from illness to the best of our ability and to meet the strict requirements for the county waiver. Obviously, some of the changes are less than ideal, but they are necessary to protect our kids and to meet the requirements of the waiver.

More than ever before, our school is going to have to work together to keep our kids in the classroom rather than distance-learning (but of course there are plans for that as well!).

We are full of hope that God is growing our children in faith, resilience, and compassion during this season.

3 John 2

Kendall and Shelly Laughlin

Download (PDF, 192KB)

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