School-wide Goals

That each student will become . . .

  • is able to communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • develops and articulates a Christian worldview through knowledge and personal application.
  • exercises godly disciplines of worship, prayer, memorization, and reading of God’s Word.
  • practices God-given gifts and talents.
  • reads fluently and for pleasure, demonstrating comprehension.
  • accurately computes numbers and operations; demonstrates the way the computed qualities relate to one another in problem reasoning, geometry, spatial sense and measurement, algebraic patterns and functions, data analysis, statistics and probabilities.
  • describes, understands, and explains the geography and history of our community, state, country and world.
  • works diligently to be a good steward of time and resources.
  • identifies, organizes, analyzes, synthesizes, and applies information across the curriculum.
  • observes, classifies, measures and predicts the nature of life and physical science as it relates to Scientific Creationism; experiments, forms hypotheses, and interprets the information using the scientific method.
  • exercises the skill and competency needed for the use of computer technology with a variety of methods, strategies, and tools to access, research, evaluate and present information.
  • writes accurately and fluently, using meaningful vocabulary across the curriculum when expressing thoughts and feelings.
  • communicates effectively by listening attentively and speaking clearly and with confidence.
  • actively participates in the fine arts through art, drama, and music.
  • practices Biblical morals and ethics in problem solving.
  • respects and submits to authority.
  • shows compassion for others in the community, nation, and world.
    demonstrates loyalty to and appreciation for their country.
    participates in service projects.

What is Serve-a-Thon?
TCS hosts an annual serve-a-thon in lieu of a jog-a-thon or other fundraiser. We raise money for the school and serve our community. (1 Peter 4:10)