Soccer Shots Update


Hello Soccer Shots Parents,

Today we start our Fall season at Trinity Christian. We look forward to a great season with your child. Please read below for important information regarding your child’s coach, program information, and session dates.

Important Dates:
Picture Week: Sept. 29th-Oct. 15th. Please have your child wear their jersey for picture week! (We ask for all three weeks to ensure we get every child in the photo. ex: late addition, absent child, etc)
Soccerpalozza/End of the Season Party: December 10th from 1:00pm-4:00pm

Bullet Points:
WEATHER- We play in the rain, sun, clouds, heat and will only cancel classes if temperatures are below 40 degrees or above 100 degrees. Or if there is combined weather, for example: lightening and thunder, rain and wind.
DRESS – No special gear needed! Wear any sneakers that can get dirty. Make sure your children are also dressed for the weather! Hats, rain boots, sunglasses are all very common at Soccer Shots!
YOUR ROLE – When at home, play the games and practice the skills that your child played in class. It’s a great way to reinforce new skills while having fun and interacting with your kids! We email you weekly session summaries as well as questions surrounded around our lesson of the week!

Soccer Shots encourages the development of active lifestyle habits. Remind your child of the importance of eating healthy and exercising to grow up big and strong!


Soccer Shots East/South San Diego Team
(619) 741-1005

What is Serve-a-Thon?
TCS hosts an annual serve-a-thon in lieu of a jog-a-thon or other fundraiser. We raise money for the school and serve our community. (1 Peter 4:10)